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Art Deco Wood Grouse by Hertwig Katzhütte


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Art Deco Wood Grouse by Hertwig Katzhütte

Art Deco Wood Grouse by Hertwig Katzhütte


Art deco porcelain figure of a Capercaillie bird or Wood Grouse, made by german manufacturer Hertwig Katzhütte. White glazed with decorations in gold. The mark underneath was used by Hertwig between 1914 and 1945. Height 16.5 cm. 

Christoph Hertwig and Benjamin Beyermann founded the company in 1864 and after various test runs started full production a year later. In 1869 Beyermann quit and left Hertwig as sole proprietor who then employed his sons Karl and Friedrich as managers which over time slowly increased productivity. Around the year 1890 the company already had a workforce of 300 people and gave work to 600 home workers; they produced children's dolls, decorative objects, gifts as well as stoneware products and from 1900 onwards also made porcelain figures. Business went well for the next years and the number of employees remained relatively stable; the records show a number of 500 workers for the years 1907 and 1913 as well as 1930. After drastic modernization and the restructuring of the business the number dropped to 400 in 1937, a result of the mechanized production process and change in product range. By then, the business was run by Ernst and Hans Hertwig, the sons of Karl and Friedrich. The company survived WWII without damage and the product range was at first reduced to decorational and utility ceramics.
Source: www.porcelainmarksandmore.com

Condition: In good condition

Art Deco beeldje van een korhoen, gemaakt bij de Duitse porseleinfabriek Hertwig Katzhütte. Wit geglazuurd met gouden details. Het merk onderop werd door Hertwig gebruikt tussen 1915 en 1945. Hoogte 16,5 cm. 

Conditie: In goede conditie.


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