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Antique, early 1900's wooden, hand carved Nandi cow, India. Decorated with colorful details on a white base. The wear gives this object a decorative patina. The height is 24 cm, length 26 cm.

Condition: Good condition with age related wear, horns broken off

Nandi is the protector of Shiva, a powerful Indian god. He was helped by this mythical bull in his fight against demons. Together they won against evil and therefore the bull became holy. Nowadays in every temple dedicated to the god Shiva, you can see statues from Nandi at the entrance. Women often go to the temple bringing floral offerings, touching the stone statue of the Nandi and pray for good luck, more money and even to get pregnant.The small wooden Nandi's we offer come from houses and village shrines. They are worshipped frequently with holy water, oil, milk and ritual powder. Over time this gives the Nandi a nice patina. Most of the Nandi's have a white color which symbolizes purity and justice. Many children used them also as toys, they make wheels under the cow and run around all over the street. The result is that many cows are missing ears and tails. But these imperfections gives an extra charm to the Nandi's.

Antiek begin 20ste eeuw houten handgesneden beeld van een Nandi koe, herkomst India. Gedecoreerd met kleurige details op een witte ondergrond. De slijtage geeft het object een decoratief patina.  De hoogte is 24 cm, lengte 26 cm.

Conditie: Goede conditie met gebruikerssporen en ouderdomsslijtage, hoorns afgebroken


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