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Art Deco Balinese Ganesha Sculpture


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Art Deco Balinese Ganesha Sculpture

Art Deco Balinese Ganesha Sculpture


Art deco balinese sculpture of Ganesha. Made in the 1940-50's. High quality carving, with many detailed decorations in the wood. The sculpture is 33 cm high. 

Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular and worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshipers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. Lord Ganesha is also the patron of letters and of learning; he is the legendary scribe who, using his commonly held broken tusk, wrote down parts of the Mahabharata Epic. Lord Ganesha typically depicts himself with an elephant head, a pot belly, and four arms. He often shows himself riding on a rat. His attributes include a broken tusk, a noose, an axe, and a bowl of sweets. 

Condition: Good condition

Art Deco Balinese sculptuur van Ganesha. Gemaakt in de jaren '40-'50. Handgesneden en van een hoge kwaliteit, met veel diep gesneden decoraties in het hout.  De sculptuur is 33 cm hoog. 

Conditie: Goede conditie


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